Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 5-4-18

A man in law enforcement said, “Women scorned are awesome. They’re great for getting information out of when the suspect is their ex.”

I can’t tell you just how far back my eyes rolled.


From 4-12-18

An adult man told a woman working as a barista: “You look good with your hair down. With it up, you look like an old maid.”

Hiatus Note

Sorry for the time away! I’ve been moving cities this summer, so things got quite hectic in the first half of the year. I didn’t record any entries for February or March and fell behind in posting the stories from April on. I’m back from the hiatus now, however, and will be posting again with some frequency.

Thank you, as always, for your patience.

From 1-8-18

A male coworker called a female coworker (who is a published author) “ignorant” because she expressed that she didn’t want to read The Silmarillion, but she writes novels for young adults.

Bruh. She is a published, New York Times bestselling, highly accomplished and talented, author. Go. Fuck. Yourself.

From 1-1-18

An adult woman asked me to move copies of Paper magazine with Nicki Minaj on the cover to a higher shelf so that “children can’t see that.”

From 12-27-17

Two straight adult females questioned me about bisexuality for over an hour (I can be a patient person.), completely baffled by the concept of someone being attracted to people regardless of gender. Choice quotes from them include:

  • “I experimented in college, but it was just a phase.”
  • “I’m only attracted to the experience with a woman.”


From 12-27-17

An adult female was scandalized that a young girl would “dress like a boy.” She seemed concerned that the girl would “become a lesbian.”

I can’t imagine rolling my eyes harder. So many wrong ideas there. Ugh.