From 6-27-14

by Emily

While out clubbing/bar-hopping with three females friends, I noticed a few things that were applicable to this blog:

1) A man passing us on the street said, “Aww, ladies, you’re going the wrong way!” as if to indicate we should follow him.

2) One bar had a cover charge for males, but not females, so we got in for free. Even something like that, which seems convenient and lucky, is still sexist in nature.

3) A man came out of the crowd in one particular bar and tried to give me a drink that he was holding. He was offended when I wouldn’t accept it. He didn’t seem to care when I said was the designated driver for the evening, but I left without saying anything else. Rape culture has taught me not to accept anything from anyone, and this was no different. The whole interaction left a bad taste in my mouth.

4) A man in one club came up to me and my three female friends as the four of us were dancing together and shouted, “Twerk party!” at us, despite us not even dancing in that way, nor doing anything that would imply that we wanted his attention.