From 8-5-14

by Emily

While discussing this video, a teenage male made the following comments, despite being offered in-depth explanations of entitlement, objectification, and rape culture. I’ve bolded the ones that struck me the hardest. This sort of attitude is what I fight to change.

  • “Ladies, if you don’t want to get cat called and harassed all the time, don’t dress provocatively. If you’re attractive, you’re going to get hit on or ogled.”
  • “[Rape] is always awful, but the bottom line is people are not going to ever stop objectifying anyone who is attractive. I’m not about to have a feminist anti-rape patriarchy argument on Facebook, because it’s useless and nothing ever gets accomplished.”
  • “I think it would have been much more appropriate to have her in clothing deemed more modest or even just like a t shirt and jeans. Then it has a more effective argument on the sexualization of women, not just that the woman is dressed provocatively and the men are responding to it. Also I would be very careful generalizing an entire gender based on the actions of a percentage of them. There are many women who ogle over attractive men, and make comments too, I’ve been around long enough to know that everyone is sexualized and objectified.”
  • It is the man’s responsibility to shut his mouth, as it is the woman’s not to provoke him by dressing in a provocative manner.”
  • While yes, the woman should be able to dress how she wants, it certainly does not help the cause if they dress in a way that would provoke a man. She even said she dressed provocatively. The word literally is derived from provoke, while it’s not entirely her fault, neither is it the mans. Both parties are responsible for their actions.”
  • The fact of the matter is if you are attractive YOU WILL be hit on, case and point. You want to lessen that? Dress appropriately, I have heard all through my life, dress to impress, or dress like the person you want to be. I’m sorry if this offends you, or sounds sexist, but if you dress trashy or dress provocatively, you are more inclined to be treated as such.”
  • “The video pertains to women’s issues.”
  • If you dress in a way that can influence people to act inappropriately, while they are in control of their own behavior, you are certainly not helping, and are creating yet another bump in the road towards “ending patriarchy” or just plain being decent.”
  • You also implied that my comments had a meaning that women need to compensate by censoring who they are, yet your argument has been based around women being allowed to do whatever they please, yet men have to censor their thoughts and comments. This is not equality, this is inequality. This implies that men have to censor themselves so that women don’t get offended. While yes the men’s comments are indecent, the fact of the matter is that we have freedom of speech, it’s not freedom of decent speech that doesn’t offend anyone. Women have the right to wear what they want, when they want. Just like men have the right to say or catcall as they please.”
  • “But as far as sexual harassment goes, I’d rather women have to deal with some sleaze bags whistle and hoot and holler or hit on you, than have to worry about my right to free speech. I have the right to express myself how I please, catcalls are a tacky version of a complement, if someone catcalls you they’re implying you look good.”
  • “Every person is accountable to themselves and honestly I think if you want to dress in a provocative manner, then you have to realize that it, like every action and decision you make, has consequences.”


I’m sorry that ended up being so long, but I honestly couldn’t leave out any of those comments. The ignorance of some people is absolutely exhausting.