From 8-12-14

by Emily

While reading a textbook about Resident Assistants, I reached a chapter entitled “Violence and Crime in Residence Halls.” A large portion of the chapter had to deal with rape, and it included tips for women (yes, specifically women, as if men never get raped) such as:

  • “It may be more advisable to submit than to resist and risk injury or death…But don’t resist if the attacker has a weapon.”
  • “You may be able to repulse the attacker with bizarre behavior such as throwing up, acting crazy, or picking your nose.”
  • “Yelling ‘no,’ or ‘fire’ has a greater chance of attracting attention than yelling ‘help’ or ‘rape.'”
  • “Women should take precautions by not placing themselves in situations that might lead to unwanted sexual attention, and men need to know that no means ‘no.'” (Women, don’t “put yourself” in bad situations. As if you do that on purpose. Men, let’s go with the “no means no” mantra.)
  • “Women have an obligation to communicate [their] limits to their date. If their date begins touching them in intimate places, if only by accident, they need to say no and mean it.” (This one is particularly offensive to me. “If only by accident”? Is that a joke?)
  • “Women need to be assertive in what they say. A man might misinterpret a soft or passive no. The response should be direct, clear, and firm.” (Women, if your “no” isn’t the right type of “no,” it doesn’t count.)
  • “Women need to be aware that their nonverbal actions send messages. If they flirt, touch men in intimate ways, and generally try to turn them on, they should be aware that they are probably communicating nonverbally the desire to have sex.” (Women, if you flirt, then it totally makes sense when a man tries to rape you.)
  • “Women need to avoid excessive use of alcohol and drugs, and should avoid intimate social circumstances with men who have been using alcohol and drugs.” (Women, men’s actions are your responsibility.)
  • “Men need to avoid excessive use of alcohol and drugs when dating. It impairs good judgment and may lead to acting on emotions without thinking.” (Def. “rape”: “acting on emotions without thinking”)

The best it could do to tell men not to rape was saying “no means no” and saying that it’s “morally wrong” to rape someone. And women, just…try not to get raped. That’s your best bet. Great job. A+ effort.