by Emily

I spoke to a college-aged male today, and there were some choice quotes I thought to share:

He mentioned how a passing male’s clothes looked, then winced and said that talking about clothes was “such a girl thing to say.”

He also argued that “men get put down for being masculine” and that “girls always assume [he’s] flirting with them.” It took time for him to concede that men think the same way about women who are polite to them, and even then, he still thought it didn’t happen as often.

While talking about college feminists, he said, “They start crying and say (in a high, whiny voice): ‘I’m a feminist, and I’m upset! Boo hoo!'”

He told me that feminism is “mostly about revenge” and called some feminists “man-haters” for being angry.

Then, and this was the prolonged part, we began a discussion about maternity leave and women in the workplace. He said that an employee of his father had been pregnant four times in four years and that that should be enough reason to fire her because she was cutting into productivity.

In his “defense,” he did say that the wage gap needed to be fixed, but he quickly followed that with, “but I don’t know how to do that.”

All-in-all, it was a long day.