From 11-26-14

by Emily

While I was working, a guest came to the desk and began flirting with me. I was uncomfortable, but didn’t want to seem rude at work (Already an issue — as a woman, I didn’t feel comfortable turning down a man’s advances without coming off as rude. Thanks, society.).

After the guest had left, one of my male friends came to the desk. When I told him what had happened, he said that I should have told the flirting guy that I have a boyfriend. I protested that I shouldn’t need to use that as a method of getting someone to stop flirting, and the male friend said, “Yeah, but the majority of guys will back off if you say you’ve got a boyfriend.”

Despite truly having a boyfriend, I still don’t want to use that to defend myself. Maybe males should take a hint or an explicit request to be left alone seriously. Too bad our society has taught men that they’re entitled to women’s time and attention.

The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.