From 2-3-15

by Emily

While out at Target with my boyfriend, we passed the children’s Valentine’s cards section. I started talking about how annoying it was that there seemed to be a delineation between “for girls” cards (pink, princesses, puppies, etc.) and “for boys” cards (blue, Ninja Turtle, Avengers, etc.). I was loudly wondering why it even mattered when a mother walked up with her young son, probably age 4 or 5. She asked him which cards he would like to get for his class, and he immediately grabbed the Ninja Turtles ones. She said, “Are those for boys or for girls?”, and I tried hard not to visibly fume. The little boy promptly replied, “They’re for both.”

He would have been happy at that. Honestly, this is how easy it is. Kids don’t care. They think something is cool and that all their friends will like it regardless of its design. The mother fought her son into something she seemed to deem more “gender-neutral,” and I could have screamed. It was a learning moment ruined by someone’s buy-in to societal norms. Just stop already, people. It’s not as hard as you’re trying to make it.