From 9-12-15

by Emily

Note: I recently subscribed to The New York Times for a class I’m taking, so I’ll have some updates from there occasionally. These two are from either September 11th or 12th.

A story, “With an Invitation, a Gender Barrier at Harvard Falls,” about how there are still prestigious male-only clubs at Ivy League schools. Clubs that open a multitude of doors to their members. Clubs that don’t allow women (whose own clubs hold only a fraction of the clout out in the world). And yippee, one at Harvard is now allowing women. A decision to be praised, sure, but Two-Thousand and Fifteen, people. Are you kidding me?

A story, “Give Me a ‘W,’ an ‘A,’ a ‘G,’ an ‘E’,” about how NFL cheerleaders are paid a damn pittance for their work. I’d read about this before, but it really does need to be mentioned again: they are not salaried. They can be fired or not paid at all for not conforming to look standards. They don’t get benefits. They have to pay for certain events that they don’t have a choice whether or not to attend. They are not paid acceptable wages. Now, I’ve never cheered. I’m terribly uncoordinated with any dance moves whatsoever, and I don’t have even a minute percentage of the required athletic ability. So I’m not speaking from experience, but I am speaking from common sense: These women, these athletes, deserve to be paid proper wages for the work they put in. It’s a travesty that they aren’t.