From 12-12-15

by Emily

A male pointed at three paintings of birds, and said, “This first one is a girl, and she’s looking at the second one–the guy–and she’s a tease. She’s showing her ass. And the second one says, ‘Hey girl, I see you.’ And the third just wants food.”

And I, never one to miss an opportunity, told him, “That’s sexist.”


“What you said, it’s sexist.”

“Uh, I wasn’t meaning to be.”

“But you were. Two out of three things you said were sexist. And one wasn’t. That’s 33% that wasn’t sexist.”

He just stared at me. So I ended with, “That’s 33%. And that’s an F.” And I walked out.
I later learned he asked the other girl in the room why I was so short with him, adding, “What, is she a lesbian?”