Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 9-23-17

While setting up for a get-together, an adult male shrugged and said that “being prepared is a girl thing.”


From 9-11-17

A male on the street in my suburban neighborhood cat-called me when I walked by him.

From 8-27-17

A story from a female friend:

“I saw a man who was falling down drunk outside the train station and glanced over to see if he was okay. We¬†accidentally made eye contact, and when he met my eyes, he said, ‘Fuck you, you fat cunt,’ as I continued to walk by. I would’ve felt bad for not checking more that he was okay before leaving, but nah, not really now.”

From 8-12-17

I was in CVS when a man approached me asking for money. Specifically, he wanted to buy my groceries with his EBT card and have me give him cash in return. It was an odd request, but he had me cornered. I tried to get out of the awkward interaction, but he was persistent and I was too afraid to say no. The morale is that I, a woman in public, was softly intimidated by a man, and feared violence or retaliation too much to stand up for my own preferences.

From 7-29-17

As a tourist in a new city, I was taking a selfie at a local landmark. A male passerby wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively and said, “I’ll bet that was a good one.”

From 7-5-17

A middle-aged man told me that men who identify as bisexual are “actually just gay.” As a bisexual woman, I lost my temper and shouted him down until he stopped invalidating bisexual people’s identities. I don’t think I convinced him of anything, but I was too enraged to keep it together.

From 7-4-17

A female who had recently graduated from college complained about “college whores showing their boobs” on the beach.