Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 7-5-17

A middle-aged man told me that men who identify as bisexual are “actually just gay.” As a bisexual woman, I lost my temper and shouted him down until he stopped invalidating bisexual people’s identities. I don’t think I convinced him of anything, but I was too enraged to keep it together.


From 7-4-17

A female who had recently graduated from college complained about “college whores showing their boobs” on the beach.

From 6-5-17

A twenty-something female referred to another woman as a “skank” for having a tattoo on her breast.

From 5-21-17

This advertisement. It’s a women’s razor, so of course it needs breasts. 

From 5-7-17

A twenty-something male was embarrassed for ordering a drink at a bar that looked “girly” when it arrived.

From 5-6-17

Two adult females scrutinized female college students’ outfits at a graduation ceremony. They pointed to various dresses and said, “That’s too short!” and “That’s inappropriate!”

From 5-5-17

An adult male in a car whistled at me and my younger sister as we walked down the sidewalk.