Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 3-13-17

An adult male openly cringed and complained about a couple at the table beside us in a restaurant who happened to be two men.

From 3-12-17

I was in a restaurant with a few other adults when a group of drag queens came in and waited to be seated. One adult man saw them and said, “What is that? What kind of place is this, anyway?” in clear discomfort and horror.

From 3-11-17

An adult male and female joked that female tour guides aren’t as good as male ones. “You know, like woman drivers! How are they supposed to lead you around and do a good job giving a tour at the same time?”


From 3-10-17

A middle-aged male called transgender people “weird as hell.” When I said that was offensive and he needed to evolve and be accepting and open, he said, “I can’t just get used to this. This isn’t just my perception that this is weird! It is! I don’t get your generation.”

Being older is no excuse for being a bigot.

From 2-28-17

An adult male lunged at me on the street, asking for money. It was late at night and I hurried away, absolutely noticing that I was the only woman on the street.

From 2-28-17

In a discussion about the dangers of hateful rhetoric, a twenty-something male said he was “playing devil’s advocate” about people “having different morals.” In other words, he wanted to say that it’s okay for rhetoric to be racist, sexist, or transphobic if that’s “how people feel.”

He wouldn’t accept that “playing devil’s advocate” is incredibly dangerous when talking about the safety and security of groups of people. It’s all well and good to sit on the fence when you have privilege and your life isn’t in danger.

From 2-24-17

After being frightened by the dark and men on the street, I took an Uber home from the train, even though it’s only a fifteen-minute walk.