Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 4-22-17

An adult male on the street grabbed grabbed a female’s arm and asked her for a cigarette. I froze behind them and could see the woman’s fear as she shook him off and continued on her way.

From 2-21-17

A mother talking about her young sons getting rowdy and subsequently hurt: “Well, it’s just typical boys to act like that.”

From 2-12-17

An adult female and male debated the merits of tour guides, insisting that a female guide “just wouldn’t do as well” as a male guide.

From 1-26-17

I was talking on the phone with my father while walking home from the train at night. He was upset that I wasn’t carrying the stun gun he’d bought me. I tried to explain that I didn’t want to carry a weapon that could be taken from me and used against me—the chances of that happening to a woman are higher than I’m willing to think about too much. But he was insistent, then suggesting I get a gun permit to be able to carry a concealed weapon. I lost my patience and told him that I was already afraid enough carrying mace when I walk at night. I don’t want to arm an attacker who likely has a knife with a gun. My safety is at stake every time I walk outside; I’m not willing to put myself at further risk.

3 Year Anniversary

Dear readers,

Happy anniversary to us! Today, March 9, marks the three-year anniversary of the first post on Daily Sexist Microaggressions. I can’t believe it’s been so long. In some ways I wish that this blog had been able to drift into obscurity over time, but I know that it can’t—because there will always be sexism, and we will always have to confront it.

It isn’t often that I wax poetic on the blog, but I’ve been considering some changes as we pass this anniversary, and I would love your feedback.

Potential Site Changes

The blog in its current iteration has been operating just fine for three years, with brief posts about my experiences and the experiences of those closest to me. However, there are a few things I’m considering as we move forward.

Longer Posts

First, I’m thinking of adding monthly or biweekly essays/longer posts about important topics relating to sexism, misogyny, patriarchal structures, intersectionality, etc. I spend a lot of time reading about these topics, discussing them with friends, and living them on a daily basis. I feel that writing about them could be valuable to you as readers. So if you begin to see those posts, I would love your comments and feedback.


Second, I’ve considered adding a submissions box to the site. Every post would be highly curated by me, so it would definitely add to this site’s workload, but I do feel that we have a community here that has stories that deserve to be told. This is very up in the air at the moment, but if it sounds like something you think would be valuable, I would absolutely consider it.

Back End Clean-Up

Finally, I’m going to be doing a lot of site maintenance this year to make tags and categories more easily searchable. When I began this site I knew virtually nothing about tagging posts and the site has thus become very disorganized on the back end. I want to fix that so that you can more easily find topics you’re searching for.

Thank You

In sum, I want to thank you for being here. This project began because I had experienced things in my own life that made me angry or upset or scared and I wanted to share those experiences with other people. I’ve heard from many of you that these posts have resonated with you and that this blog has been something you can relate to. I’m sorry to hear that, but I also am glad that we can connect with each other and grow stronger together.

I appreciate each and every one of you who come to read these posts with an open mind. I’m glad that you are here. Thank you for sticking with this project or for stumbling across it. As we move into the future, I hope this blog can continue to serve you. Please comment with any thoughts or suggestions on the above-listed changes. I’ll post again soon.


From 1-19-17

An adult male on the street shouted at an adult female: “I love your lipstick, baby! Ow ow!” Then, when I walked past added, “Hey, hey, look at this one!” and pointed at me.

From 1-17-17

An adult male said, “Michelle Obama is a style icon, so you see…it helps to be pretty.”