Daily Sexist Microaggressions

From 5-4-17

An adult male described transgender people as “sickos.”


From 4-25-17

An adult male described interest in LGBTQ+ rights as an “issue du jour.”

Yes, because interest in rights for a huge population of people is just a fad. There’s no better reason to be concerned for how people in that community are treated.

From 4-11-17

In a graduate school class, a Latina classmate made a presentation about the lack of diversity in our industry (including lack of diversity in gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, etc.). After her amazing analysis of the problem, the professor—a 70-something white male—decided to repeat nearly everything she said, but in a condescending “let me tell you the way of things” manner.

From 3-23-17

A story from a 20-something female friend: “I was walking down the street and men on the corners yelled, ‘ow ow!’ and ‘you’re beautiful, mami!’ as I passed. They also made kissy-faces. Ugh.”

From 3-14-17

A story from a female acquaintance:

An elderly male professor chastised a group of female graduate students: “As soon as you get the business management skills up to snuff, ladies, it’s not rocket science, it’s discipline.”

Men in power criticizing women and condescending to them is nothing new, yet it annoys me every time I hear about it.

From 3-14-17

An adult female on the train gave up her seat for an elderly male. When she stood, he patted her butt.

From 3-13-17

An adult male openly cringed and complained about a couple at the table beside us in a restaurant who happened to be two men.