Daily Sexist Microaggressions

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From 9-23-17

I was talking with a group of men about football when I heard an adult female off to the side observe that I was “holding [my] own talking sports with the guys.” As if only men can understand sports.


From 3-14-17

A story from a female acquaintance:

An elderly male professor chastised a group of female graduate students: “As soon as you get the business management skills up to snuff, ladies, it’s not rocket science, it’s discipline.”

Men in power criticizing women and condescending to them is nothing new, yet it annoys me every time I hear about it.

From 2-28-17

In a discussion about the dangers of hateful rhetoric, a twenty-something male said he was “playing devil’s advocate” about people “having different morals.” In other words, he wanted to say that it’s okay for rhetoric to be racist, sexist, or transphobic if that’s “how people feel.”

He wouldn’t accept that “playing devil’s advocate” is incredibly dangerous when talking about the safety and security of groups of people. It’s all well and good to sit on the fence when you have privilege and your life isn’t in danger.

From 11-9-16

A white adult male felt it necessary to try to “explain” racism to a Latina woman. He also said, “Isn’t it racist to say ‘white’ privilege?” Ugh. 

From 7-1-16

An adult male upset about women being included in the U.S. draft:

“Do you think [the United States] could have the strongest military force in the world with an all-female force?”

“Yeah, some people say, ‘women can be more vicious’–maybe at gossip!”

From 6-21-16

An adult woman’s comment: “Why does everything that Hillary [Clinton] wears remind me of ugly maternity clothes?”
But…would you pay attention to a male politician’s outfits?

From 6-16-16

An advertisement for Secret Deodorant featuring a woman texting the words “I love you” to someone, then bearing the slogan “stress-tested for women.”